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My work is a Re-interpreting of tradition so the western mind can grasp the essence of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Method in its purest simplicity, with infinite potential and the possibility to meet each individual where they stand. May you find nourishment in this, enjoying its sweetness and welcoming its bitterness, as it is also medicine.


My Story

I’ve had quite a journey with Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Born in India as my parents were developing their practice, it was sometimes love and sometimes deep resistance… I made many, many mistakes, was disillusioned by the mainstream interpretation of the tradition… but time and time again, life, my spirit, my devotion showed me I am a Yogi at heart. This intensity and persistence for the past 20 years have brought the richest and most profound experiences, through great highs and deep challenges, and have made me who I am today as a person, yoga practitioner and teacher.  



The Ashtanga Vinyasa practice has its roots deep in the ancient lineages of yoga. Whether certain of its aspects are from a more recent time, the essence in this practice remains timeless.  It has been a conscious effort of mine to have deep faith in the experience of generations of yogis. As a Teacher, my vision is to transmit the elements of the tradition, purely, giving a pillar of support and clear path while allowing for each to walk their journey in their own unique way.



Classes and Workshops

My life journey has brought me to live in Nature north on Montreal. I have thus condensed my movement into the city, and offer rich and in depth courses as well as smaller workshops and introduction courses. Here is a list of the various opportunities to explore the practice, both in Montreal and abroad.

One on one teaching is also a possibility. Welcome to contact me for more information.